ROKO® PROFESSIONAL STONE AND RUST Product for removing rust and scale from sanitary facilities

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ROKO® PROFESSIONAL STONE AND RUST is an acidic preparation designed to remove rust and limescale contamination from sanitary facilities. It is used for the thorough cleaning of tiles, fixtures and equipment, which is why it is used in areas such as swimming pools, toilets or showers. It is dedicated to surfaces that are resistant to acids, such as ceramics, acid-resistant metals, rubber, rubber and glass.

It contains substances that automatically remove dirt and deposits without scrubbing. The product is excellent at removing old scale deposits and rust infiltration. Thanks to its consistency, the product remains on the cleaned surfaces for a long time.

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Areas of application
Cleaning companies
Hotel area
Industrial area
Public places
Properties and applications

Properties and uses:

  • cleaning of surfaces in swimming pools, swimming pools, baths, toilets, among others;
  • effective removal of persistent dirt;
  • removal of limescale, rust, urine, soap, cement and other organic deposits;
  • removes dirt and deposits;
  • contains hydrochloric acid;
  • designed for professional use;
  • ergonomic packaging.


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