ROKO® PROFESSIONAL STONE AND RUST Product for removing rust and scale from sanitary facilities

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ROKO® PROFESSIONAL STONE AND RUST The preparation for removing rust and limescale from sanitary facilities is another effective cleaning agent from ROKO®, which will ensure hygienic cleanliness of the bathroom, removing rust and scale impurities from sanitary appliances. The product is intended for professional use in public places. The agent will perfectly clean tiles, fittings and various types of equipment in swimming pools, bathrooms and showers in schools, hospitals or city toilets. The agent is intended for acid-resistant surfaces such as ceramics, acid-resistant metals, rubber, rubber and glass.

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Areas of application
Food Area
Industrial area
Public places
Properties and applications

Properties and application:

  • surface cleaning, including in swimming pools, swimming pools, baths, toilets;
  • effective removal of persistent dirt;
  • removal of limescale deposits, rust, urine, soap, cement and other organic pollutants;
  • automatically removes dirt and deposits;
  • thick consistency that stays on the cleaned surfaces for a long time;
  • contains hydrochloric acid;
  • has an antibacterial effect;
  • intended for professional use;
  • ergonomic packaging.

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