ROKO® PROFESSIONAL MEBLLO Furniture cleaning liquid

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ROKO® PROFESSIONAL MEBLLO Furniture Cleaner is a liquid for professional use, designed for cleaning and care of furniture fronts, laminated and veneered. The product removes dirt that appears on furniture. It contains an excellent composition of waxes, thanks to which it gently shines the cleaned surfaces. Additionally, it has an antistatic component, which helps remove dust and prevents it from settling again.

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Areas of application
Cleaning companies
Hotel area
Industrial area
Public places
Properties and applications


  • contains waxes which makes the cleaned surfaces shiny,
  • effectively removes impurities,
  • has an anti-static component that helps remove dust, and prevents it from sticking again,
  • leaves no streaks,
  • efficient and easy to use,
  • leaves a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance.


  • washing and care of furniture, laminated and veneered fronts, as well as wooden and wood-like ones,
  • intended for professional use (in bureaus, offices) and under household conditions.

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