ROKO® PROFESSIONAL VIX Universal liquid with antibacterial effect

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ROKO® PROFESSIONAL VIX The universal antibacterial liquid is a neutral agent intended for professional use on all washable surfaces. It works well in cleaning surfaces such as: kitchen countertops, floors, tiles, windows, as well as varnished and plastic surfaces. The agent has antibacterial properties. Thanks to the concentrated formula it is friendly to the skin of the hands.

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Properties and applications


  • effectively removes dirt without streaks and stains,
  • has antibacterial effect,
  • economic in use,
  • dosing: 80ml/ 5 litres of water,
  • mild on hand skin,
  • environmentally friendly,
  • leaves a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance,
  • intended for professional use.


  • cleaning of washable surfaces such as tops, floors, tiles, windows, varnished and made of plastic surfaces.

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