ROKO® PROFESSIONAL WC TRIO Disinfectant and cleaning agent

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ROKO PROFESSIONAL WC TRIO is a preparation for professional use, designed for cleaning, disinfecting and bleaching various surfaces. Depending on the intended use, the preparation can be used in concentrated or diluted form. Its concentrated form is perfect for cleaning toilet bowls, urinals, bathtubs, washbasins, tiles or joints. Used in an appropriate dilution, it can also be used for bleaching fabrics.

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Areas of application
Food Area
Industrial area
Medical area
Public places
Properties and applications


  • effective and efficient,
  • a perfect agent for surfaces even for heavy dirt,
  • bleaches the cleaned surfaces,
  • effective against fungi, bacteria, viruses and mycobacteria,
  • the active substance is sodium hypochlorite (max. 4.5 g / 100 g active chlorine).
  • the product intended for professional use,
  • it can be used in concentrated or diluted form,
  • it has the NIH approval, and the Permission of the Minister of Health for trading in biocidal products,
  • available packages: 750ml, 5 kg


  • cleaning, disinfection and bleaching of various surfaces: toilet bowls, urinals, bathtubs, washbasins, tiles, joints,
  • fabric bleaching,
  • can be used in healthcare facilities.