Lavacide CIP SPH 40

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LAVACIDE CIP SPH 40 is an acid washing liquid with descaling properties based on nitric and sulphuric acid, designed for both circulation and tunnel washing. Dedicated to the food processing sectors, it perfectly removes dense milk, beer and yeast scale from food contact surfaces, contaminated with both organic and inorganic substances.

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Areas of application
Food Area
Industrial area
Properties and applications


  • has emulsifying and dispersing properties towards fats and proteins,
  • effective towards mineral impurities,
  • removes dense milk, beer and yeast scale,
  • repassivates INOX steel,
  • measurable by conductometry and titration method,
  • contains corrosion inhibitors,
  • contains substances protecting the washed surfaces against sticking of dirt.


  • washing and decalcification of systems contaminated at the same time with organic and inorganic substances,
  • for professional use in all food processing plants,
  • for circulation and tunnel cleaning as well as soaking.