Lavacide Foam

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LAVACIDE FOAM is based on nitric and phosphoric acid, an acid liquid recommended for foam or manual washing in food processing plants and animal husbandry. Intended for cleaning the food and animal feed contact surfaces, it has a descaling effect. It is an effective preparation for removing mineral and organic impurities.

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Areas of application
Food Area
Industrial area
Properties and applications


  • effective towards mineral and organic impurities,
  • has emulsifying properties in relation to fats and proteins,
  • economical in use – it foams, leaving a clear, compact and easily rinsed foam,
  • measurable by conductometry and by titration method,
  • contains anti-corrosive and protective components.


  • recommended for use in every branch of the food industry and in animal husbandry,
  • washing and disinfecting food and animal feed contact surfaces,
  • can be used in all systems and devices for foam washing and for manual cleaning.