ROKO® PROFESSIONAL SOLVAREN CIP30 Cleaning preparation for use in CIP

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ROKO® PROFESSIONAL SOLVAREN CIP 30 non-foaming alkaline cleaning preparation for use in CIP based on 30% NaOH is a preparation intended for professional use in all food processing plants. The preparation has alkaline and low foaming properties. As a washing and sequestering fluid, it perfectly dissolves the most persistent organic pollutants. Additionally, it has properties that slow down the corrosion process.

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Areas of application
Food Area
Industrial area
Properties and applications


  • dissolves any organic impurities;
  • measurable by conductometry and by titration method;
  • contains softening and complexing components;
  • contains corrosion inhibitors.


  • washing installations and closed circuits in contact with food and animal feed;
  • recommended in particular for transport and storage installations.

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