Solvaren Foam Cl

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SOLVAREN FOAM CL is a high-foaming, alkaline washing and disinfecting preparation with active chlorine, recommended for foam washing in the agri-food industry and food processing plants. The product also has degreasing properties, and helps remove discolouration. It has a biocidal effect, and achieves full bactericidal effect after five minutes.

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Areas of application
Food Area
Industrial area
Properties and applications


  • dissolves all organic impurities,
  • contains active chlorine as an oxidizing biocide,
  • has fungicidal and bactericidal properties,
  • full bactericidal effect achieved after only 5 minutes from application,
  • supports removal of all discolouration,
  • economical in use – it foams leaving a clear, compact and easily rinsed foam,
  • measurable by conductometry and by titration method,
  • contains anti-corrosive and complexing components,
  • bactericidal effect: ≤1.0 % within 5 min, temperature 20 °C,
  • fungicidal action: ≤1.0 % within 15 min, temperature 20 °C.


  • for professional use in all food processing plants and the agri-food industry,
  • cleaning and disinfecting food and animal feed contact surfaces and devices