Solvaren Foam HD

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SOLVAREN FOAM HD is a slightly alkaline liquid that is highly effective in removing the most difficult impurities due to the dissolution and emulsification properties of fats. It is dedicated for foam cleaning and manual cleaning. It works perfectly on dried fatty impurities and solid fats by creating a dense foam adhering to the impurities, which is also easily rinsed off.

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Areas of application
Food Area
Industrial area
Properties and applications


  • dissolves and emulsifies fats,
  • easily penetrates compact, solid organic impurities,
  • economical – it foams leaving a clear, compact and easily rinsed foam,
  • measurable by conductometry and by titration method,
  • contains enriched anti-corrosive and complexing components.


  • for professional use in all food processing plants and animal husbandry locations,
  • removal of dense and dried fat impurities,
  • can be used in all systems and devices for foam washing.