Solvaren Foam Safe

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SOLVAREN FOAM SAFE is a delicate cleaning agent dedicated for all surfaces sensitive to aggressive detergents. Its formula has been developed for surfaces susceptible to corrosion and made of delicate materials such as zinc, aluminium, rubber, etc. The product perfectly dissolves and emulsifies all organic impurities, and additionally protects against corrosion.

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Areas of application
Food Area
Industrial area
Properties and applications


  • dissolves and emulsifies all organic impurities,
  • economical in use – foams, leaving a clear, compact and easily rinsed foam,
  • measurable by conductometry and by titration method,
  • contains enriched anti-corrosive and complexing components.


  • for professional use in all food processing plants and animal husbandry locations,
  • formula developed with the focus on cleaning any surfaces sensitive to aggressive detergents,
  • for use with all foam forming devices.