ROKO® PROFESSIONAL ANTI-VIRUS+ Hand and surface disinfectant

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ROKO® PROFESSIONAL ANTI-VIRUS + is a very effective and highly efficient disinfectant for hygienic and surgical disinfection of hands and various types of surfaces. Thanks to the high content of ethyl alcohol at the level of over 83%, it has an extremely effective biocidal and virucidal effect. The fluid fights a very wide range of microorganisms that pose a threat to human health and life. The composition of ROKO® PROFESSIONAL ANTI-VIRUS + makes it a very effective virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal preparation, especially recommended for use in the medical field and in other areas requiring very strict compliance with hygiene and epidemiological and sanitary recommendations.

The product complies with the recommendations of WHO (World Health Organization) and RKI (German Robert Koch Institute).

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Areas of application
Food Area
Industrial area
Medical area
Public places
Properties and applications


  • virucidal, fungicidal and bactericidal activity;
  • application in individual and professional protection and disinfection;
  • very high efficiency of operation due to the high concentration of ethyl alcohol – over 83%;
  • a very wide range of applications – the product is intended for disinfecting hands and surfaces;
  • hand protection due to glycerin content;
  • does not require rinsing;
  • product manufactured in installations covered by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practies) system.

Warning! Before use, check the action of the fluid on the less visible part of the surface. Do not use on surfaces sensitive to alcohol.


  • disinfection of public facilities and spaces;
  • disinfection of public communication systems: shelters and stops, pavements, pedestrian crossings; railway platforms, stations and bus stops;
  • disinfection of surfaces and sanitary facilities in households and public institutions;
  • cleaning and disinfection of cloakrooms, floors, waste containers and entire storage halls;
  • disinfection of air conditioning systems;
  • disinfection of installations, devices and surfaces in contact with food in the food industry;
  • disinfection and cleaning of kitchen and bathroom rooms, including windows, doors, bathtubs, drain grates and toilets;
  • disinfection of medical facilities: hospitals, laboratories, health care facilities;
  • disinfection of hands, surfaces and rooms in industrial and service plants;
  • decontamination of public facilities: offices, schools, kindergartens, nurseries, bus stops and others.

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