ROKO® POSTIODE DIP brown dipping preparation based on organic iodine (5000 ppm)

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ROKO® POSTIODE DIP brown dip preparation based on organic iodine (5000 ppm) is a caring and disinfecting preparation. The product should be used to maintain hygiene of teats after milking. It is a professional agent used in the agri-food industry. It has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect against yeast-like fungi.

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Areas of application
Food Area
Industrial area
Properties and applications


  •  Contains active iodine as (5000 ppm) oxidizing biocide;
  •  Confirmed effectiveness against microorganisms according to PN-EN 1656 and PN-EN 1657 standards, including typical bacteria responsible for mastitis;
  •  Enriched with substances that make the epidermis more elastic, preventing irritation during milking;
  •  Economical to use, does not drip from the teat;
  •  Leaves a distinct brown film on the teat.


  • Ready-to-use preparation;
  • Use in immersion cups.