ROKO®PROFESSIONAL UNITER Preparation for cleaning alcohol and terpenes

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ROKO® PROFESSIONAL UNITER Alcohol and terpene-based cleaner is a liquid for professional use, used to clean water-resistant floors. The alcohol content in the preparation makes the product dry quickly and leaves no streaks. The cleaner removes stains left by markers, pens and pencils.

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Areas of application
Cleaning companies
Hotel area
Industrial area
Public places
Properties and applications


  • contains cleansing orange peel essential oil (terpenes);
  • dries quickly and streak-free;
  • leaves a soft sheen;
  • Removes marks of markers, pens and pencils;
  • effectively removes dirt of organic origin.


  • cleaning of water-resistant floors;
  • Works well on plastic, terracotta, protected wood and metal surfaces;
  • product intended for professional use.

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