Modern virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal detergents

Nowadays, thorough disinfection of all surfaces that people and food products come into contact with, as well as equipment and installations in the food industry turns out to be a key element in maintaining the hygiene and safety of each of us. Therefore, the selection of reliable bactericides is very important, because it depends on them whether the disinfected coatings will be completely free of pathogenic pathogens that threaten human health and life.

An extremely important issue is also the fact that the modernization of production processes of bactericidal preparations and the precise selection of chemical formulations increases their reliability and safety during surface disinfection.

ROKO Professional brand products contain various effective surface-active substances, e.g.

ROKO Professional Anti-Virus + contains a surfactant based on ethyl alcohol

ROKO Professioanl Chlorine is based on effective, but also cheaper than alcohol sodium hypochlorite.

In turn, ROKO Professioanl Quat is based on effective IV salts in the fight against all bacteria.

When choosing products for disinfection, it is always worth consulting a selection with a specialist who will advise you accordingly and help you choose the perfect solution in each individual case.

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